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Pros and Cons of a Spanish Concrete Tile Roof


Spanish concrete tile roofing has been around for centuries.  This roof style can be seen around the globe and offers many advantages, but some disadvantages as well.


Durability – These roofs can last for over 100 years. If you put one of these on, you most likely will never have to replace it in your lifetime.


Getting started

Variety – There are several colors, shapes, and textures that can change the look and feel of your home drastically.

Properties – It’s reflective nature can help with heating and cooling efficiency. It is not susceptible to mold and will not rot.  It also does not expand or contract with heat variations like wood does.






Decking to be strong enough

Weight – Individual tiles are heavy and if your roof is not built to hold them additional supports may have to be installed.


Cost – This type of roof is more expensive than a regular shingle roof. But, you must take into account that it will likely never need to be replaced again.




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