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7 Ways to Prepare Your Home to Weather the Next Storm


In an ideal world, our homes would be built to withstand all kinds of weather in every season. However, we know that weather is unpredictable and can cause all kinds of damage.

Meteorologists make their best-educated guess at the time, but weather conditions can change on a whim. To take control and prepare for all kinds of weather, remember our seven P’s:

  • Is there a Pool on your property? Pools make great hideaway places! The weight of the water within them makes them so heavy that they are less susceptible to storm damage. Submerge any patio furniture in them so that your chairs and tables don’t get blown away.
  • Do you enjoy tending to outdoor potted Plants? If so, I am sure that you are away of their delicate nature. It is important to provide the right temperature, lighting, and food to keep plants healthy. When a severe enough storm hits, plants may not survive well in the disrupted ecosystem. The easiest solution is to bring them indoors until the climate returns to normal.
  • What about outdoor Pets? Even more precious than our plants, our pets are living, breathing creatures that are very aware of impending bad weather. Some pets will even run away and hide when they sense a change in the air. It is very important to make sure that they are brought inside or, at the very least, given a proper outdoor shelter to take cover in. Also, their toys should be secured, as well, seeing as how they could become tossed around and lost in the wind.
  • Speaking of things being thrown around in the wind, are you aware of any other kinds of Portable objects around your home? Anything that is not fully secured should be taken up and placed inside of your home, garage, or shed, etc. Or, if it is too big to move or store, any freestanding, loose object should be tied down. The last thing you want is to have your lawnmower or kid’s bike come crashing through your window!
  • On that same note, anything that could become a Projectile should be put away quickly. Look at the items around your home. Do you have objects that are particularly aerodynamic? Be careful with those that could be easily picked up and thrown by the wind. Shape, texture, density, and more can all play a factor in whether or not an item could become a targeted missile.
  • It is very important to Prune your trees and bushes as a part of your regular lawn care routine, especially those ones that are close to your home. Not only does it keep them healthy and looking great, it also ensures that no long branches will scratch your windows as they are being thrust about in a storm.
  • Lastly, do not forget to simply walk around the Perimeter of your home. Is there anything that you can spot that would pose a hazard during a storm? Cheesy as it may sound, it is helpful to “think like a storm” in this scenario. What could you tear up or destroy? It will help you identify additional problem spots to take care of or secure before bad weather hits.

Storms can fluctuate so quickly in severity that it makes it hard for us to determine just how bad of damage a specific storm may cause. Although, our guidelines are good measures to take no matter what. It is always best to be overprepared than under! Our P’s of preparation will help you protect everything on your property, from your miscellaneous personal belongings to your home itself.

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